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Doom Over The World Lyrics - Singles - Reverend Bizarre

Infernal vision I saw, out from the darkness it came to me 

Angel in appalling form revealing how the forthcoming days will be 

Her voice was hollow and calm as she told me of things that would soon be here 

Words full of chaos and death filling my mind with a constant fear 


There will be a gigantic war, the greater part of the world shall be perished 

Armies of evil and good prepare to meet each other once again 

And there I can see myself holding a sword with a blade so black 

Other side, there stands thousands of men, all we have is just a handful of puritans 


Doom over the world 

eternal will be our mission. 

Doom over the world! 


Corpses are hanging from walls, impaled with spears of destiny 

One more time hammers have been raised to crush the skulls of heretics 

The aftermath of battle, silent descents, the field is covered with dying men 

Strongholds are burning to ashes, all that is left is this handful of puritans 

Are you remember?


Artist: Kid Cudi