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Sodoma Sunrise Lyrics - Singles - Reverend Bizarre

The city of sin is lying in the evening glow 

Son of God coming through the gates only one will know 

A man named Loot gives him shelter from the crowd outside 

They used to rape everyone passing by and do it with pride 


Under the Sun this city was ill there was nothing to tell 

God himself was summoning all the fires of Hell 

So Loot and his family left for good to the halls of Soar 

And the city of sin was prepared to meet the fire and roar 


Sunrise in Sodoma, people waking with the fear in their eyes 

There's no time to run because the Lord is casting fire in the sky 

When you make a sin I hope you realize all the sinners gotta die 

Sunrise in Sodoma, all the people see the truth and final light