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Lemmings (incorporating Cog) Lyrics - Singles - Van Der Graaf Generator

I stood alone upon the highest cliff-top, 

Looked down, around, and all that I could see 

Were those that I would dearly love to share with 

Crashing on quite blindly to the sea 


I tried to ask what game this was, 

But knew I would not play it: 

The voice, as one, as no-one, came to me 

'We have looked upon the heroes 


And they are found wanting; 

We have looked hard across the land, 

But we can see no dawn; 

We have now dared to sear the sky, 


But we are still bleeding; 

We are drawing near to the cliffs, 

Now we can hear the call. 

The clouds are piled in mountain-shapes, 


There is no escape except to go forward. 

Don't ask us for an answer now, 

It's far too late to bow to that convention. 

What course is there left but to die? 


We have looked upon the High Kings, 

Found them less than mortals: 

Their names are dust before the just 

March of our young, new law. 


Minds stumbling strong, we hurtle on 

Into the dark portal; 

No-one can halt our final vault 

Into the unknown maw. 


And as the Elders beat their brows 


Know that it is really far too late now to stop us. 

For if the sky is seeded death 


What is the point in catching breath? Expel it! 

What cause is there left but to die 

In search of something we're not quite sure of?' 

What cause is there left but to die? 


What cause is there left but to die? 

What cause is there left but to die? 

I really don't know why 

I know our ends may be soon 


But why do you make them sooner? 

Time may finally prove 

Only the living move her and 

No life lies in the quicksand. 


Yes I know it's 

Out of control, out of control: 

Greasy machinery slides on the rails, 

Young minds and bodies on steel spokes impaled 


Cogs tearing bones, cogs tearing bones: 

Iron-throated monsters are forcing our screams, 

Mind and machinery box-press the dreams. 

But there still is time 


Cowards are they who run today, 

The fight is beginning 

No war with knives, fight with our lives, 

Lemmings can teach nothing; 


Death offers no hope, we must grope 

For the unknown answer: 

Unite our blood, abate the flood, 

Avert the disaster 


There's other ways than screaming in the mob: 

That makes us merely cogs of hatred. 

Look to the why and where we are, 

Look to yourselves and the stars and in the end 


What choice is there left but to live 

In the hope of saving 

Our children's children's little ones? 

What choice is there but to live? 


What choice is there but to live? 

What choice is there but to live? 

To save the little ones? 

What choice is there left but to try? 


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