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Out Of My Book Lyrics - Singles - Van Der Graaf Generator

We sat by ourselves, still looking for company; 

There could have been peace, but that eluded me - 

All I could think of was what was on my mind. 

You tried to be kind, 

But I blocked your feelings. 

Now, senses still reeling, you sit in your quiet room and cry. 

You tried to make me one, 

But I always hide when there's a glimpse of sun. 


Running along in sunlight meadows, 

Your eyes were never more than half-closed: 

Through fluttering lashes, you watched me watching you. 

I tried to be true 

To the way that you thought I ought to be 

But, in spite of all my efforts, 

I failed. 

I tried to make you see 

But your eyes are blind to all but the bad in me. 


What do you think I mean 

When I say that I need you? 

How am I supposed to seem 

When we hit another problem 

And the answers are all torn from my book? 


Our lives are on paths we just can't control; 

We can grow closer as we get old. 

Can you imagine us as we adjust? 

Can you imagine us 

Getting near eighty; 

We live more sedately, 

Still hoping the dreams will come true? 

We'll try to be secure. 


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