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Octopus Lyrics - Singles - Van Der Graaf Generator

I want to paint you poems full of fire, 

You who I do not know. 


Now my mind is tested with love which 

Twists and wavers from side to side and which 

Some day soon you may see... 

I want you to cascade through ten thousand 


Rainbows with me and dredge mountains 

From the sea: 

You who I now begin to know. But emotion is pent up inside, 

Too scared of dying again to live, 


And meanwhile I must endure your 

Red-copper hair screaming like a 

Water-baby black eyes stare 

From my ceiling: 

You who I now truly know... 


Now I cannot see too clearly 

And already my trellis stands bare... 

How can I break free of these over clinging 

Arms which entwine and enfold me?... And reach 


To the clear blue sea? 

I want you to know, but how can I 

Tell you? I want you to see 

But my own eyes are blind... 


The Octopus now enfolds me, 

I know you too well... 


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Artist: Madeintyo