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Refugees Lyrics - Singles - Van Der Graaf Generator

North was somewhere years ago and cold: 

Ice locked the people's hearts and made them old. 

South was birth to pleasant lands, but dry: 

I walked the waters' depths and played my mind. 

East was dawn, coming alive in the golden sun: 

The winds came, gently, several heads became one 

In the summertime, though August people sneered; 

We were at peace, and we cheered. 


We walked alone, sometimes hand in hand, 

Between the thin lines marking sea and sand; 

Smiling very peacefully, 

We began to notice that we could be free, 

And we moved together to the West. 


West is where all days will someday end; 

Where the colours turn from grey to gold, 

And you can be with the friends. 

And light flakes the golden clouds above all; 

West is Mike and Susie, 

West is where I love. 


There we shall spend our final days of our lives; 

Tell the same old stories: yeah well, 

At least we tried. 

Into the West, smiles on our faces, we'll go; 

Oh, yes, and our apologies to those 

Who'll never really know the way. 


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