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Beverly Cleary's 115th Dream Lyrics - Divide And Conquer - Vandaveer

Well, Ramona forever seems like 

Such a very long time 

But time's the one thing that's 

Never on your side 

But I'm on your side 

Yes, I'm on your side 

Most of the time 

And it's such a very good side 

And that's a very good sign for 


Peace and love and harmony 

And all the things that lovers need 

Like hope and health and clarity and time 

Oh precious, precious time 


Ramona, well heaven's to Betsy 

You've got to try try try 

Try to smile more often than you do 

More often that you do 

It's the healthy healthy healthy thing to do 


Well, Ramona, yesterday was very difficult for me 

Difficult for you 

So you kept your distance too 

Though I don't blame you 

I could really use you now 

I could use your company now 

If we keep our wits somehow 

We just might pull through and 


Ramona, for goodness sakes 

We got to make make make 

Make the most of our time for 


Peace and love and harmony and 

All the things that lovers need like 

Hope and health and clarity and time 

Oh precious precious time 

Are you remember?


Artist: Kudai


Artist: Devotchkas