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Long Lost Cause Lyrics - Divide And Conquer - Vandaveer

He may stretch but he won't tear 

He may give but he'll never care 

He's got sunken eyes and a head full of static fears 

And when he dreams he is a dreadful smear 

Of red and black and a choir of tears 

That haven't cried out in so many years 

And though he may catch on with practice and reprieve 

I do believe he's a long lost cause 


She may bend but she won't break 

What she'll give, what she'll never take 

She's got wounded knees and a heart that aims to please 

And when she dreams she is a peaceful sound 

Of quiet nights but quiet tears run down her cheeks 

She whimpers and veers 


Of course of course he wants to be near 

But I'm afraid hes a long lost cause 

Are you remember?


Artist: Uverworld


Artist: H Blockx