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Divide & Conquer Lyrics - Divide And Conquer - Vandaveer

When you wake in the morning 

Does it feel like a warning bell has rung? 

Are you having fun? 

When you gaze out your window 

Does it faze or envelope you? 

Have you lost your sight? 

Or is it just too bright to see? 


I think you've got a thinly veiled directive 

But I can't be sure of your intent so I elect to 

Hold my tongue I'm not the only one who 

Sees in your sketches the lonely number one 

I think I got a fairly unique perspective 

But I would hesitate to offer up new direction 

This compass of mine has a mind of it's own 

Always searching for a new sturdy heart to come home 


When you crash for the evening 

Do you laugh, do you feel things? 

Does it cross your mind 

When you cross the line? 

When you dream is it simple , 

Or is it calm, is it visible? 

Does it make a spark? 

Does it leave a mark? 


You think I got a thinly veiled directive 

But you can't be sure of my intent 

So you elect to hold your tongue 

You're not the only one who 

Sees in these sketches 

The lonely number one