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Sound & The Fury Lyrics - Divide And Conquer - Vandaveer

Your song and dance routine 

Bears all the markings of a machiavellian scheme 

The shadows you cast 

Over your shadowy past 

Do the trick for now 

But you know they won't last 

The curtain will fall 

With the crumbling walls 

Like a dirty rat, you will scurry and crawl 

Under cover of night 

But your cover's been blown 

By a mighty wind 

You will howl and you'll moan 

You're shit out of luck 

Down to your last dime 

When the thunder cracks 

It will rattle your spine 

You'll drop to your knees 

Like a prodigal son 

You'll long for your home 

But you'll find you have none 

And you're done, done, done 

So done 

So very done 


Your cat and mouse charade 

Boasts all the fanfare of a single float parade 

The ballot's been stuffed 

With envy and lust 

The vices you grew 

Pushed you right to the cusp 

But you can't shake your past 

Your flags at half-mast 

Your pillars seem strong 

But you know they won't last 

You're riddled with holes 

You're riddled with words 

Speaking in tongues 

But you've never been heard 

You fall down on all fours 

And you slither off-shore 

At a deafening speed 

With a deafening roar 

You crack and you strain 

And the poisonous rain 

Comes down with a sound 

And true fury of pain 

Born from the lake of our home 

Home, sweet home