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Mighty Leviathan Of Old Lyrics - Divide And Conquer - Vandaveer

I found that I find the things that you find 

Important rather peculiar 

The space in between between you and me 

Has grown darker and deep and bigger 


Were it not for the knots that we tied long and taught 

We might not be hanging around 

At opposite ends of a towering span 

Over troubled waters below 


Down a raging river with a deadly undertow 

We circled the moat and you rocked the boat 

Like a mighty leviathan of old 


With cracks in our feet we beat foreign streets 

We got stranded, we canvassed for answers 

But the prayers we prayed fell silent and straight 

No a savior won't save when commanded 


So we marched through the dark 

With cast-iron hearts 

And all the strength we could muster 

With torches in hand we surveyed the land 

And stumble one after the other 


Damned with blind ambition 

To a glass house miles below 

And the garden did grow some roots down in droves 

And blocked out the sun while it shone 


You tied a rope 'round my finger 

You hoped for a dead ringer 

Yeah you draped it over a towering oak 

But the rain came down with a furious sound 

And rusted that belt until it broke 


So I clawed through the dirt, the soil of the Earth 

With bare hands that barely could shovel 

And the canyon did flood with water and blood 

From a thunderous storm up above 


Yes and God spoke clearly for the very first time in my life 

And the sounds he made were glorious and great 

It was a tidal wave of rhythm