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Ancestor-worship Lyrics - Singles - Naer Mataron

I enter the world of my forefathers 

I initiate into the secrets of the forgotten Europa 

I hear the clatter of the swords 

I hear the voice of war 

I live between them 

I become an ancient hero of the battle 


I hear the voice of Leonidas, standing in the Thermopylae 

I attack in the east by the side of Alexander the great 

In the war of Troy, in the greatest to fall, Achilles 

In the frozen Northern seas 

At the lands of Vikings 

In the northern skies 

In the Celtics, I descend back in time 

In a Celtic winter, in a cold battle 


Revitalization, my lungs are filled with Europa 

Beyond the fog of history, I handle Mythology 

The folklore, the ancient customs 

The forgotten Gods of this locus 

In Walhalla and in the Elysian fields 

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