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In Honor Of The Wolf Lyrics - Singles - Naer Mataron


Fire at Hesperus is burning 

And the blade cuts deep the flesh 

Where the fools command the land 

Fire at the land of Ira. 


Ancient Prophecy sees the light 

Demonic, Hellenic Pure cult 

The warrior who escaped from Hades, 

revenge in Darkness of Legends. 


The Wolf is Hungry at the depths 

With Blood in the eyes, he dances with lust 

The secrets of the Ancient dead 

Reborn again, in an infant's soul. 


In Honour of the Wolf 


The fate was again:unfair. 

The enemies cut of His hand. 

They promised to him the ancient secrets 

They even dared to change His name. 


But again, the name meant Wolf. 

The Wolf of Ionia, the sacred land. 

The cry of freedom always shouts 

And the unfaithful always haunts. 


Wolf of Ionia-Hellenic Blood 

Wolf of Ionia-Hellenic Soil