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Astro-thetis-cosmos Lyrics - Singles - Naer Mataron

On a chariot with wings I move on and observe 

Distant visitors, bright meteorites 

Indefinite pleasures, pure tranquility 

Blessed with excess, hallowed to create. 


Alchemy, ancient knowledge 

Magnetized by orbit bewitched by sight. 

The bright light blinds my face 

Between spaces, discovering unfathomed paths 




Around the globe of creation 

Lead the source of light, reach the twelfth night. 


I am Agkaios who seeks the Knowledge 

I know the motion of the stars 

I am the one who cuts the yarn 

In a season that lavish defines life! 


Ouranos, Kronos, Zeus-the Son assassins the Father 

...And restores the cosmic order! 

Gaia, Rea, Ira- the mother bursts 

...And devours the seed of chaos, in lust! 


On a chariot with wings, I move on and observe 

I stand in time that defines evolution 

I blow the circular move of planets.