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The Great Meridian Tide Lyrics - Singles - Naer Mataron

Great star, your happiness is to shine for us 

We bless you for this, my eagle and my snake 

I am a prophet of the Thunder, the heavy drop from the clouds 


This thunder is me, the overman, of the eternal return, the Mentor 


And the devil once told me: 

Even God has his own Hell, because of his love for the human 


God is dead! 

God is dead! 

God is dead! 

For his mercy for man 


The great empire of man 

The one-thousand-year-old kingdom of the overman 

Beggars go away, we don't want you 

They left far away laming 

Now that god lies in his grave, he rots 

Now the superior human 

Becomes master 


What I disdain makes me hope 

I enjoy inside me my great sin like it is my biggest comfort 

I am not the light for the time being 

I will blind them with the thunder of my wisdom 


You great star, deep of happiness 

My eagle has awaken, as I honor the sun 

Our fingernails are reaching out for the new light 

The lion has come; my children are by my side 

The time has come 

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