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Steppe Lyrics - Singles - Naer Mataron

Son of Europa raise up your head 

Wherever you see plain 

Before it was a forest 

Under the ice, have remained the traces 

Of our arms! 


When it's full moon 

When the wind blows 

Along with the path, you can hear a song 

A song which tales, where we began to fight! 

Invisible enemies 

Along the path we crossed by 

Between us different languages, but one tradition 

Between us different nations, but one legion 


We began spring 

The woods where green (and) the trees in bloom 

Beyond these mountains 

There, where we stopped 

Wounded by winter 

We the new soldiers, while our hearts 

Feel like we are Gods 

Like we are silver eagles 

We, the frozen eagles 


From this path, we will not return again 

Youth of Europa do not forget us!