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The Continuity Of Land And Blood Lyrics - Singles - Naer Mataron

The full conscience of the cosmic harmony 

Of the ancient soul and the metaphysics substance of the environment 

The ancient soul lives inside us, unintentionally hidden 


Strange creatures, absolutely real a different touch 

It is time when the night numbs from the frost 

The time when the goat comes deep red 


With scalding eyes and with nails on his feet 

The goat rises all alone, at the edge he stands 

His teeth glitters, he smells the Archipelagos rising 


I see him! 

The gods are nothing more than Vampires 

Who are fed by the fantasy of the chosen ones 

Each time a cypress bows by the winds blow 

The mind of the poet flutters 

Then Apollon rises 

Are you remember?


Artist: Joakim


Artist: F(x)