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Confused (by What I Felt Inside) Lyrics - God In Three Persons - Residents

I was tanding at the fireplace thinking of my own desire which seemed to 

offer me no place to go, when I heard a little giggle, sounding like some 

silly piglets playing in the mud so deep and warm. So I went and looked 

around and fromhe bathroom door I found some sounds that had not come 

fromhere before. So I shouted, "Come on out," and soon I saw them both 

look out expressing fear and innocence at once. They said that they wee 

haveing fun with something that they found someone had left behind a 

basket on the floor. 

"Let me see," and so I took it with a snatch that left a crooked smile 

across the corner of my mouth. It was a smooth and shiny object with a 

purpose and a job I recognized and was familiar with. Looking up I saw one 

pair of eyes that somehow now were staring straight into the secrets of my 

min. I knew at once it was the she thng, to the they and the he thing 

looking back at me and my desire. 

Inflamed I reached and pulled her close, but then at once I had them both 

off balance and we fell upon the floor into a pile of awkard bodies, with 

arms and legs and elbows caught beneath, around and in between us all. 

Hastily I helped them up and said that we should soon discuss and try to 

understand what they had found. BUt it was too late to do it now, but if I 

tell the truth, I was confused by what I felt inside. 


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