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Silver, Sharp And Could Not Care Lyrics - God In Three Persons - Residents


God In Three Persons 

Silver, Sharp And Could Not Care 

The following day I did some walking, for my mind did too much talking to 

itself, and so I walked along and thought of our last episode, and that 

somehow it had eroded feelings from my closely guarded core. And also then 

I knew corruption leaked into this last eruption, and its oily odor stayed 

around. Long ago I knew that I was sly, perhaps, and not too nice, but 

underneath I thought my goals sublime. BUt now, how could I tolerate 

behavior that could suffocate contentment in my friends and maybe more? 

Desire conflicted in my mind with thoughts I once had found divine and 

tormet twisted me between the two. Aimlessly I slowly wandered, as my 

footsteps took me onward to a part of town I did not know. 

Soon I saw I was distracted by a window that was acting as a display for a 

barber's store. and what was underneath my stare was silver, sharp and 

could not care about confusion or about despair. It only had one job to 

do, and when it cut it cut so true that now I knew exactly what to do. So 

I went inside and bought it from a man who never caught the tingle that it 

raised along my spine, electrically a pleasant tension, like a liquid in 

suspension flowed into the conflict in my head. And now my feeling was 

well being, but I could not help fromeeing that my hands were shaking as I 

paid. And as I left, my thoughts returned to what I told them they had 

learned through our ordeal of torture and delight. Yes, it was a lie I 

told them, not to help but just to hold them with me, but I really should 

have said, "Lies can often give you power like a coffin filled with 

flowers give life to the living, not the dead." 





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