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Devotion? Lyrics - God In Three Persons - Residents

Shortly after I first met them, something that I said upset them and 

perhaps we should have parted then. I was saying how important that they 

were and what a fortune could be made if they would let me try. But I did 

not understand why they took in and had to stand by those who were so 

worthless to them both. Then they got extremely angry, shouting that the 

seedy gang behind them may not have much value in my eyes...but they were 

people and were needing what we give and if you see them like you see some 

roaches on the floor, then the sad one must be you who sees himself as too 

good to do something for the weak or ones with warts. You disdain and 

criticize someone who has been compromised but really have no values of 

your own, so maybe you should leave and find some, steal or beg or maybe 

buy some from a smiling banker or a store. At first I was too shocked to 

believe they would suggest that I should levae, and what was even worse 

was that I saw that they preferrred their gutter rutting friends above my 

smugly strutting. And I admit it stunned and humbled me. So I begged and 

then beseeched them, "Let me stay and you could teach some sense into this 

tired old mind of mine." And of course we reconciled with hugging arms and 

tugging smiles that left me more secure, but still in doubt. I truly loved 

and felt devotion for them both, but I was broken up and feeling powerless 

inside. I must become important to them, intertwined with roots into them, 

or else I'd loose my false and newfound pride. 


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