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Hard And Tenderly Lyrics - God In Three Persons - Residents

They called me "Mr. X, Indeed", the special ones that saw so deep inside 

the souls of those who were so lonely. I was down beneath the bottom, when 

my vacant staring caught them gaily parading up and down the 

street-followed by some stinking masses, freeing fumes and giving gasses 

to the brown and nearly worn out air. But they had that certain presence 

like the ether or the essence of the cleansing upper atmosphere. Laughing, 

loving, and without a doubt, they simply strode about the streets that 

other creatures left alone. I ran across, myself compulsive, with the 

feeling of a pulsing drum that pounded underneath my skin. A tingling in 

my tangled brain was screaming that this was insane, but it also told me, 

"Touch it," too. 

"Stand aside," I told the masses, and with that I made my passage frome 

lonely to the only side. Openly they smiled to greet me, like they always 

knew they'd meet me somewhere walking up and down the road. I knew I must 

appear as someone far beyond the common come-on, so I could not say my nae 

was Ed. So I said, "I'm Mr. X who wants to come and who expects to help 

and guide your efforts to succeed." They laughed a little bit at me, and 

then said, "Mr. X-Indeed," and hugged me somehow hard and tenderly. 


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