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The Service Lyrics - God In Three Persons - Residents

So I pushed and pushed and pushed them, through the towns and through the 

bushes and the word was spreading like a lie. "Come and see the holy 

two-some. They can heal and they can do some things that no one ever did 

before." And so they came for holy healing, both the belching andthe 

squealing, and the ones who maybe just were bored. Down the aisle they 

slowly paraded, while I smiled and masqueraded as the kindly keeper of the 

touch. Kneeling them along aa line, I taped a tiny piece of pine upon the 

chin of each and every one. And then from this a copper wire stretched 

across a tubeless tire and ended in a round and reddish clamp. Then at 

once the fees were taken, and the apprehension shaken for the twins would 

silently appear. Full of life and love and smiling knowing not that all 

the while I too was smiling to myself inside. Silently I stood between 

them holding up the crimson gleaming circle with the ends now pried apart. 

Then I lifted up the cover softly like it was my lover and I felt them 

shudder as they sighed. As I clampedthe metal on it, something like a 

liquid donut shimmered as the holy union flexed. Then the people screamed 

and shouted, as the donut grew and spouted little bitty dust balls made of 

fire. And these soon enough descended down the lines and finally ended at 

the screams of joy and pain and fear. For soon the cripples would be 

walking and the dummies would be talking but no one knew exactly how or 



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