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Fine Fat Flies Lyrics - God In Three Persons - Residents

Soon I woke when I was sleeping with a restless reaching feeling but did 

not know what I was reaching for. I got up and started walking, but soon 

found I was stalking prey that I could utilize for more than just an easy 

conversation, or an evening's inspiration. Now the time was right for 

something more. As I walked I thought of flies that stuck to sticky pecan 

pies that people put upon the window sill, and how those fine fat flies 

would feed until they satisfied their greed then buzzed about in panic 

till they died. Knowing where my feet would take me if I kept on moving, 

made me see myself exactly like those flies. Drawn into a situation that 

with some consideration never would fulfill its smiling smell. But there 

was no hesiatation in my step or in my making sure the door was quiet when 

it closed. And as I walked into the darkness, I could sense a wakened 

sharpness penetrating deep within the room. Then I touched her arm and 

throat, and found beneath my hand a coat of moisture though the night was 

not too warm. The other one was breathng deeply, so I thought he must be 

sleeping, but then again I wasn't really sure. "Hold me tight and be my 

master," someone whispered and I fastened fingers of my own around her 

wrists which strangely were secure behind her as I began to mount and bind 

her to myself wit force I could not hold. Then I seemed to hear a snicker 

but I was so busy with her that I did not notice him until I felt him but 

his hands around my throat anad squeeze as if the sounds I made should not 

escape into the air causing me to moan too loudly as I jerked on out the 

fire that I no longer could control. I was first to see the flashing 

blinding light of liquid lasing out arms, but my convulsions spread to my 

writhing young companions who were lost in unabandoned cream that soon 

would crack and fade away. Afterwards, when it was quiet and the bonds had 

been denied, I told them that we should do this again. BUt I said it would 

be wrong to play these games of weak and strong together without me around 

to help them understand the dangers in it, for there were so many and they 

simply were too young to understand. 


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