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Pain And Pleasure Lyrics - God In Three Persons - Residents

And so my story winds on down toward an ending that's been found to come 

Whenever all is said and done. I've lived my life and taken chances and if 

Some were strange by standards that were less important than my needs, 

Then I guess I could be crooked, evil, bent and twisted, looking down upon 

The strings I tried to pull. But I see the strings extending up and down 

And never ending as we dance around our selves and jerk to all the tunes 

That only we hear and the voices only we fear each inside an island all 

Alone. But the contact that we do make, as we give and take abuse, stays 

And it's value only multiplies. Yes I'm alone, but not forgotten, for each 

Comes and sees me often, sitting on a seat beside my bed, and we laugh and 

Reminisce about a life that once was bliss before an act of passion made 

Us part. Of course they'll always be together, but their bond is made of 

Leather not the flesh and blood it used to be. They're still full of life 

And healing, but it has a different feeling and only for the few that seek 

Their sort of pain and pleasure when they merge and give into insistent 

Urgency that lives for seconds at a time. For pain and pleasure are the 

Twins that slightly out of focus spin around us till we finally understand 

That everything that gives us pleasure also gives us pain to measure it 

By, and I also realize... that all our lives we love illusion, neatly 

Caught between confusion and the need to know we are alive. 



Eric Wincentsen 

[email protected] 

Glendale Community College, 

Glendale, Arizona 

"I believe in Women's suffrage. Women may suffer as much as they want." 

-The great, Godlike Eric Wincentsen 





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